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Questions for creationists

14th Jan '15
  • The Genesis flood: Where did all that water come from? Where did it go?
  • Since the age of the Earth and evolution are as scientifically accepted as gravity and photosynthesis – are you then denying the existence of gravity and photosynthesis?
  • If God determines when we live and die, why are humans living longer due to advances in medical scientific research?
  • Hundreds of years ago people believed that the Earth was the centre of the universe, until science proved them completely wrong. Science now tells us how old the Earth is, and the truth about evolution, yet you still want to cling to the same level of ignorance as those from centuries ago?
  • What, if anything could ever change your mind?
  • Do you know the difference between science and faith?
    Science is the exact opposite of faith. Faith is believing in something without evidence or question. Science is about asking questions and seeking evidence.
  • Why is the fossil record arranged in such a way as to suggest evolution?
  • What scientifically factual information can you supply to support your contention that the universe is only 6 thousand years old?
  • How do you explain the astronomical evidence that the universe is billions of years old?
  • What did the carnivores eat on the ark?
  • Where does the ice age fit into biblical history?
  • It is a known fact the Aboriginal people occupied Australian land for 40,000 years. How is this possible when according to the bible they could not of even been here for 4 thousand years?
  • Did you know there is no evidence of a global flood because it did not happen?
  • The largest wooden boat ever built by the best shipwrights around the world sunk and it was not even close to the size of Noahs Ark. Wood actually bands and shifts in the water which is why there is a size limit to wooden boats so it’s impossible to make a boat that big let alone a family to do it. So how is Noah’s ark even remotely possible?
  • There are over 8.5 million species yet the maximum amount of species that can possible fit on Noah’s arch is 16 thousand without food or water supplies. How does that work?
  • If humans are special creations, why do we share the same biology, geans, etc. with chimpanzees? Shouldn’t we have been made completely differently to emphasize the point?
  • Why does the evidence from so many scientific disciplines, astronomy, geology, biology, physics, chemistry, all converge to suggest the Big Bang and Evolution, while at the same time pointing away from your theory?
  • Why are the galaxies moving apart? Were they once much closer together? Which would mean we could use the distance of galaxies to measure the age of the universe at the rate it’s expanding.
  • Can you use your creation model to make any helpful predictions that might lead us to further discoveries or understanding?
  • How did koalas, kangaroos.. ect get to Australia after the ark washed up on that mountain? Their fossils have only been found in Australia hence they could not of migrated. This is the same with pretty every other species.
  • How do you explain the universally consistent radioactive dating results obtained with different radioactive elements, and the consistent correlation with objects of known age? This is one of hundreds of dating methods
  • If creationism is scientifically valid, then why is it necessary to emphasize that the sectarian religious dogma of the Book of Genesis is the ultimate scientific authority?
  • The standard creationist explanation for the distribution of fossils in geological strata, with most primitive life forms in the lower strata, and mammals and humans in the upper strata, is that clever mankind was smart enough to climb to higher ground to escape the rising flood waters. How do you explain the fact that thousands of persons drowned in the recent Central America floods, in an area contiguous to higher ground? How do you explain the position of the fossils in the geologic layers, with small fossils below large fossils, which is contrary to hydraulic sorting in which large objects settle deeper than small objects?
  • Name one species, fossil or contemporary — including man — that is physically unrelated to any other life on earth ?
  • Why do you believe your god made only one breeding pair (Adam and Eve), instead of many? With only one breeding pair, fathers are forced to have sex with daughters, brothers with sisters, and sons with mothers, in order to propagate the species. Is this a divine endorsement for incest?
  • If all civilisations resulted from Adam and Eve, and oral traditions about the god that created them were passed down from generation to generation, why are there so many other creation stories in the world? Why didn’t all civilisations keep their ‘true’ religion?


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